Neemrana Fort-Palace India vol. 3

When I arrived at the Neemrana Fort (Jaipur, India) and went through the gate, I felt like I stepped into a mythical world. I was welcomed by protective stone walls and overflowing nature. Yet, the Fort seemed far from cold - bathed in the sun and buzzing with sounds of birds and squirrels. We're not... Continue Reading →


Min første udfordring #30DSpC

30 Day Speaking Challenge var min første udfordring på dansk. Jeg har talt dansk i tredive dage i træk. Det var svært men sjovt også. Udfordringen var at lave en optagelse på dansk hver dag. ➕ jeg har forbedret mit dansk ➕ jeg har arbejdet på min udtale ➕ at forberede en ny optagelse hver... Continue Reading →

30 Days of Speaking Danish #30DSpC

30 Day Speaking Challenge is a brilliant initiative created and run by Jonathan Huggins. I signed up for the free challenge on the last day of August, more out of curiosity, I admit, than the intent to complete it. But I made it: I reached a consecutive 30-day streak of speaking Danish every day! 🎉... Continue Reading →

India in pictures vol. 2

After a few of my trips to India, I’d like to share with you some of the beauty of India’s landscapes I was lucky to have seen and experienced. Since an image is worth a thousand words, I invite you to look at some glimpses of India through my eyes:

Croatian in 3 days from scratch

Language Jam was a language challenge held between 27th and 29th of July. The idea was simple, but exciting. You choose the duration: 1, 2 or 3 days, and the organizer picks a language for you to learn from scratch. I couldn’t resist a fun challenge like that. I filled out the form on Sandra’s... Continue Reading →


Hot Norway in May was perfect for chilling. My first Scandinavian trip started with Oslo, a place that surprised me in so many ways. The city was bathed in bright sunlight with a fresh breeze inviting me to roam around endlessly. If I could describe it in one word, I’d say: green. Oslo was bursting... Continue Reading →

It’s great to procrastinate

Motivation is one of the key factors in language learning. I struggle with motivation all the time. There are days when I wanna quit my job and just study languages for hours. But most of the time I find it hard to open an app and do another lesson. Motivation changes daily, even hourly. I... Continue Reading →

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